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"I thought my luck had run out, but when I started driving with Julia it changed my mind about driving and I was determined to excel and pass my test. Julia pushed me to drive as well as I could and she pushed me to drive outside of lessons too. She stopped all my bad habits that I had when I was driving and now I am still the driver she taught. The things she taught me are still stuck in my mind today and she will get you very far whether you are doing your theory test or driving test or even both." Krishna, Seaford

"I used to drive all sorts of cars and even vans & trucks in the past until I suddenly got driving phobia. I stopped driving for 8 years.
With Julia's help I gained my confidence back very fast. The way she taught me to watch out for potential hazards or difficult situations made me feel safe driving again, even with my kids on board! I still don't like driving very much but can now get behind the wheel without getting a panic attack knowing that I am a safe driver." Katja, Brighton

"I have tried three times to learn to drive and had never been able to "get" the gear changes . As I neared 60 I thought I would give it one last go and got in touch with Julia. I had always been nervous in the past and dropped out after a few lessons but she had endless patience I admit that I had a couple of "wobbles" and nearly gave up but she had me back on track and I am glad to say that I have passed my test . Without her help and understanding I would never have tried to take lessons let alone take and pass both a theory and practical test! I am very grateful and would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone learning to drive." Lesley, Seaford

Learning to drive with Julia has led to me becoming a confident and safe driver. She is a patient teacher, adapts to your individual style of learning and her talent for teaching you observational skills and forward planning encourages you to become the best driver you can possibly be. Thanks to Julia’s calm, structured approach towards driving I passed first time. Additionally I completed Pass Plus where I furthered my knowledge of rules of the road and continued to learn how to be an aware driver. I would recommend Julia to anyone. Ellie, Alfriston

When I first started driving with Julia I had no confidence in myself and was a very nervous driver.. over time Julia helped me to realise that I could do it! Little by little my confidence grew from Julia's support, teaching and reassurance and I overcame these barriers! Whenever I panicked about making a mistake or was feeling negative, Julia would put it all into perspective and made me see that by keeping calm and getting in control of the situation, I could just learn from it and try again! I cant thank Julia enough for all her help! Jenny, East Dean

Here is a selection of comments made by my clients.

"Since day one Julia has made me feel very welcome and I was looking forward to my lessons every week. To describe Julia would be 'firm but fair' and very very patient.. I had a lot of trouble with holding my nerves together during driving but with Julia's help, I passed both my theory and practical FIRST TIME!! :D I really can't thank Julia enough for all she has done for me. She would get my recommendation EVERY time." Simon, Peacehaven

"Learning to drive with Julia is definately one of the best investments I have ever made. She has patiently coached me to become a safe and aware driver with her unflappabilty and constant good humour. She has helped me to understand the rules of the road and how to look after my car. When my confidence failed she helped me find tactics to overcome my fears and I would highly recommend her teaching skills to anyone looking to learn to drive. I passed both theory and practical first time which is testament to her flair for instruction." Clair, Seaford.

"I passed my test this summer. I started driving in my own car when I turned 17 with my family and after a few months I realised I needed help. I started my driving lessons with Julia. She helped me undo all the bad habits I'd gotten myself into from driving with my mum and
dad, and I passed my test quickly. Julia is very thorough and clear with instructions and I aways looked forward to my lessons. I would recommend Julia to all of my friends." Vicky, Seaford

"Julia is a great instructor, I hated driving when I first started, towards the end of my lessons I became much more chillled. Julia is a firm but very patient instructor, I really don't know how she didn't quit after teaching me. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank You." Rasheda, Peacehaven.

"I started learning to drive with Julia late in January on weekends, I had a great number of habits which soon were ironed out by Julia and by the beginning of April I had passed my test! Julia is a brilliant instructor who broke things down which made everything easier to understand and in turn has made me a safe driver. If I knew anyone who was learning to drive I would most definitely recommend her. I now have confidence in the way I drive and cannot thank Julia enough." Bhavini, Seaford

"Brilliant driving instructor, who taught me a lot. Julia is really patient and encouraging, I would recommend her to anyone who’s a learner driver. " Becky, Seaford

"I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Cruise Control Driving (Julia) and am pleased to have successfully accomplished one of life's major 'mile'stones with her. :) She taught me so well that I passed first time! It is an experience I will never forget and one which will stay with me for life. Thank you for making this possible for me!" Kayleigh, Seaford

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