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Safety of Passengers


Are you a frequent chauffeur of the most valuable cargo: your children? Or have you recently become a parent and now face joining the ranks of stressed and tired drivers out there?

What driver behaviour and attitudes are you teaching them on a day-to-day basis?

This may be a good time to review your driving skills - after all is it not worth questioning occasionally whether we are doing something to the best of our ability, especially where the safety of loved ones is concerned?

I can help with some easy to learn strategies that will keep you and your passengers safer. I can help with techniques to reduce distraction factors - and I will even help you prepare your children for a safer life on our roads once they become more independent. How early do they truly learn to drive?

Why not book an initial advanced driver session? Please don't worry about being "assessed".... I am very much aware I am dealing with qualified drivers and and will not teach you to drive, just how to maybe drive safer.

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