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Practical tuition


Tuition Offered at Grade 6 level

* Learners at all levels and of any disposition

* Special needs not involving vehicle adaptations

* Specially trained for learners within the autistic spectrum, ADHD, dyspraxia and dyslexia

* QEF trained instructor for drivers with disabilities (current vehicle not adapted)

* Advanced driver training

* Taxi driver training

* Fleet driver training (DVSA fleet registered)

* Minibus training and assessments (Seaford only)

* Refreshers

* Driving phobias and anxieties

* Post crash rehabilitation

* Experienced Driver Assessments

* Disqualified drivers preparing for extended test

* Pass Plus

* UK driver familiarisation (German offered as second tuition language)

* Check test preparation

* Speed awareness training - keep those points off your licence!

* Theory support

* Private practice support and supervisor coaching

* Snow/winter driving

* Eco-driving workshop: Save up to £50 per month in running cost!

* NHS mobility assessments

FREE ”Brake” road safety workshop “2 young 2 die” aimed at 16 – 24 year olds. I will travel to your school/college/club. Please call for more information.

I can make arrangements for skid training for qualified drivers.

For more information on the practical driving test for cars, and to book online, click here.

Please also view DVSA test videos available.

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