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Can I start driving lessons with an instructor before passing my theory test?

Yes. I recommend you take practical lessons while preparing for your theory test. The combination of practical experience with theoretical learning should help you perform better at the theory test.

Do I need to take a theory test if I already have a full licence?

You will need to take a theory test if you want a licence for a new category of vehicle, for example, if you have a car licence and you want a motorcycle licence you will need to take a car theory test.

If, however, you want to upgrade within a vehicle category you will not normally need to take a theory test, for example, if you have a full automatic car licence and you want a manual car licence you will not have to take a theory test.

Please check with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) or the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) if you are unsure if you should take a theory test

Can I take my car theory test before my 17th birthday?

No. You can only take your theory test once your provisional licence becomes valid. For a car this will be your 17th birthday. You can, however book your theory test before your 17th birthday. Candidates in receipt of Disability Mobility Allowance at the higher rate may take their theory test before their 17th birthday as long as they have a valid provisional licence.

How many lessons must I have before I can sit my practical test?

Please refer to “Budgeting” by clicking this link.

I want to take a motorcycle test and I already hold a full car licence.
Do I need to take a theory test?

Yes. Your car licence does not exempt you from taking the motorcycle theory test.

Can I use an automatic car for the driving test?

Yes. If a person passes a test in an automatic car then they are restricted to driving vehicles with automatic transmission thereafter.

A full automatic licence acts as a provisional manual licence.

Who is eligible to take part in the Pass Plus scheme?

Anyone who holds a full UK driving licence can take up Pass Plus. However, some insurance company's will only give a substantial discount on motor insurance premiums to those drivers who obtain a Pass Plus certificate within a year of passing their driving test. Claiming the discount can, however, be deferred by 2 years after completing the course.

How long does the Pass Plus course last?

This will vary depending on the aptitude of the candidate but at least six hours tuition must be received.

Is there a test to take with Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is assessment based, so there is no test to complete.

Do I have to take another test if I want to tow a large trailer behind my car?

It depends on when you took and passed your car practical test. If you passed your car practical test before 1 January 1997 you will not have to sit another practical test. If you took your test after that date you will have to sit another practical test depending on the weight of the trailer and that of the overall combination.

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