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As of 30th March 2016 the new tuition car is a modern manual Nissan Qashqai Acenta, 1.5 l turbo diesel engine. Learning to drive in an SUV (2 wheel drive) gives you many advantages: As a driver you sit higher, so visibility to the front and sides is much better, allowing you to plan earlier and see better at junctions. It also has a better presence on the road (although it is only 2 cm wider than a Ford Focus), which deterrs other drivers from trying to squeeze past: you are in a much better position to protect your space. It is equipped with dual controls and dual climate control, as well as a heated back screen to ensure safety and driver comfort. Electric wing mirrors ensure ease of adjustment during the cockpit drill, and the fantastically forgiving 6-speed gearbox allows sufficient flexibility for a new driver to handle the car safely at all times. This is a patient car that does a lot for you—it compensates for minor driver error by being quite hard to stall, even on a hill.

Being a diesel it may also be a suitable tuition car for drivers with hearing impairments as it is easier to "feel".

I have test driven it extensively, and the very high safety specification, including six airbags (driver, passenger, side impact and curtain airbags), ABS, Brake Assist, Hill Start Assist, Electronic Hand Brake, Electronic Stability Programming and Vehicle Stability Management made it a natural choice as a tuition car - not that I will allow anything to happen to you! A trip computer will also enable you to learn how to work some high-tech stuff in the car as well as learn to drive it, including cruise control and speed limiters, and at a high mileage per gallon and Auto Stop it is also a very ecological choice of car to drive.

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