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Coaching Philosophy


Driver Pre-Sensitisation

Anyone can learn to operate a car. Anyone can learn traffic rules. But this does not necessarily make you safe - rules have limitations and control skills will on occasion let you down.

What does make you safe is what you see and how you translate this into action—the activity of your mind. Where to look, when to look, to ensure you look and see, what to expect and how to plan ahead for such eventualities.

What observation links do you make when you drive? How do you continuously evaluate your driving, and learn positively from it?

By understanding potential hazards and prioritising the information you gather, as well as learning how to plan ahead for possible traffic challenges you ensure that you allow for conditions and other drivers’ actions and are therefore not taken by surprise.


I specialize in driver coaching aimed at pre-sensitising you to potential hazards, allowing you to recognise these earlier and therefore respond to them more quickly.

What influences your decisions? What triggers a negative or positive response to others? How does this affect your safety (and that of others around you!) and how can you risk manage this?

As a result, the "suddenness" of a changing traffic situation is reduced exponentially, giving you control of it and therefore keeping you safe. And lets be right about it: by being in control, you can enjoy your driving by knowing when you can make progress, and when to show restraint. It makes the driving experience much more fun!

By favouring coaching techniques I ensure that YOU, the driver, are constantly involved and the learning process which is based on an equal partnership between me and you. Coaching allows you to engage your mind—not just blindly following instructions. This client centred learning approach also encourages you to evaluate yourself on a regular basis, setting you up for life-long learning and therefore improving your safety. In conjunction with driver pre-sensitisation techniques, the learning process is

* more enjoyable
* more pro-active
* more progressive


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