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What do you need to budget for?

This will very much depend on

* your ability to learn and translate theory into physical action
* your opportunities for private practice
* our combined ability to achieve the targets we set for each lesson

Statistics show that, on average, most drivers will require approximately 45 hours of professional tuition, with an additional approximate 22 lessons of private practice. This may seem a lot to you, specifically bearing in mind your parentsí reminiscences about their driving lessons, which probably would not have exceeded 20 hours , if that!

However, bear in mind that the roads are much busier today, traffic laws have changed and become more complex over the years, and the cars we are dealing with on the roads are more sophisticated and powerful. Also, the DVSA training syllabus and test requirements have changed dramatically to accommodate all of the above, making the UK driving test one of the more comprehensive ones in Europe.

I will work at making progress every lesson. You will not waste your money by just driving aimlessly about without a specific focus. If you work with me our teamwork will get you to test standard in the fastest possible time, and I will give you good notice of your approaching test readiness, allowing you to book your test way in advance. Ensuring that your lessons are regular with no larger time gaps in between will also greatly help in keeping the cost down.

See my price list for money saving options!

Good quality instruction will allow you to make plans for your own car.

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Car Purchase Scheme
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